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New online slot machines are launched every month. On this page, we show you the latest titles that have recently appeared in CasinoSlots Slot machine lovers have a good choice because they will find a wide variety of new slot machines, each of which offers different and exciting options, bringing you generous bonuses and jackpots on CasinoSlots. Leading vendors such as NetEnt, Betsoft, RTG or Microgaming are constantly developing new online slot machines that can attract almost all players. There is not even a variety of designs and formats found in the largest and most unique ordinary casinos. These slots can be used for PC, Mac and mobile devices. Try new online slots CasinoSlots

Try new online slots

Slots come in many different variations that offer you a great variety in the game. In one moment you roll the reels in ancient Greece, the next you fight in a bonus round against the spaceships of aliens in space.

There are matching online slots for every player, whether you are into mythology, movies, music, nature, comics, sports, animals or anything else.

Each new online slot takes you into a whole new world, with great graphics, modern visual effects and the right sound. This is how a tropical jungle or an adventure under the sea becomes realistic.






Latest slot functions

Free or play for real bets

However, it's not just about externals. Each new title brings you the most up-to-date features that have improved gameplay, giving players new and better ways to earn even more on every spin


Innovations like stacked wilds, multiple grids, multi-way winnings, mini-games and other features give you the chance to multiply your winnings and make even more money.Free or play for real bets

Especially good at the majority of new online slots is the fact that you can test virtually every game first, before you make real bets with your balance. You can try new slots in a trial and find out more about them before you start depositing your own money.

Do not you like a particular design? Then you just use the next slot, after all, there are many new releases every month, which provide entertainment. Play for free as long as you want. If your feeling tells you that you have a chance of winning, make a bet and try to hit the jackpot  CasinoSlots

More and more games contain progressive jackpots, where the winnings get bigger and bigger as you play, until the coins are finally paid out and your credits increase.

Everything about the last new production

Bookmark this page and visit it to learn more about the latest slots. We keep you up to date on all the topics related to the best and most up-to-date video slots published online by the major manufacturers. You are one of the first to know when a new game is available on CasinoSlots

Slot machines chance of winning: The payout percentage of these slots makes you happy!

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You want to win in the casino or have at least as much and long fun for your money? Do you enjoy playing slot machines? Then you should absolutely pay attention to the chance of winning the individual slots!

The effect of payout on slot machines is often underestimated. Why this is so, and how you make the most of your commitment as a well-informed gamer, we reveal in this article.

Play the test winner with 98% payout

And because theory is boring, we garnish our guide with a list of the best slot machines sorted by statistical odds. With the slots from our top 100 you do not do anything wrong first. And if you want to go into detail, we offer you a lot of valuable information that will make you a better informed player. I wish you success. Or better: good luck!

Why should you read this article ?

The payout ratio of slotmachines varies a lot. Anyone who takes into account the gaming machine's chances of winning in the selection of his game can play longer or has better cards to win at least in the online casino at short notice. The editors have compared the slot machines chance of winning hundreds of slot games. Further down on this page, we introduce you to the top 100 slots with the best payout ratio. If you want to know more about house advantage and chance of winning, we recommend our blog post and our Website CasinoSlots


What RTP means in the casino. Also to the differences of Spielhalle vs. We have already written extensively on online casino

Find the best slots

Slotmachines are by far the most played games in CasinoSlots  No wonder that most major casinos have at least 100 or even more than 1000 different slots in their assortment. Every month, major software vendors such as Microgaming or Netent bring new slot machines to the market. Offer in abundance so. Especially for newcomers, the selection is therefore already almost too big. Many casino players find it hard to find a suitable slot. The detailed tests of Slots.Express (overview on our page slot machines) already provide a very good indication of which slots are top and which are less attractive. A not insignificant factor in the selection of the right slot is also the slot machines chance of winning.

The chance of winning is synonymous with the payout ratio, also called the payout ratio. So it shows how lucrative a slot is. In this article we want to deal with this topic exactly. We'll explain the definition of the payout ratio and have determined the slot machines with the best chance of winning for you. First of all, we introduce the list.

The top 100 slot machines with the best payout percentage

Let's start with the list of our slot machine odds analysis. The list below shows you the most profitable slots of the biggest manufacturers. We've updated, expanded and thinned this list, which used to be a Top 40. In the past, a RTP value of 96% was enough to land in this leaderboard. Since the winter of 2017, we have increased the minimum payout to 96.50% - nevertheless, the list has grown in comparison to the past and now shows a total of 100 slot machines since our update in September 2018. If the name of the slot is linked, you can try it for free or at least read all the details in the test. If we have already published a test on the slot machines and can offer a free demo, the link leads to our test. Otherwise, we have, if available, selected a link for you to at  CasinoSlots  hat offers the slot machines with play money. So you can test which of the slots with the best payout ratios suits you personally.

First of all, we want to define the payout ratio and the profit share and explain their calculation more precisely. In English, the payout ratio is also called RTP (for "return to player"), which can be translated as "back to the player". The definition is therefore as follows: The Payout Ratio is the percentage the player will receive in the long term for their bets on a machine

We want to give you an example. Our player, let's call him Otto, decides after a long research to play the slot or Alive" by Netent. Dead or Alive has a win rate of 97%. Otto makes a total of 1000 €. Otto sets 1 Euro per rotation. Otto now plays 1000 game rounds. At the end of these 1000 rounds his capital should be 970 €. So he lost 30 €. The payout ratio can therefore also be interpreted as a house advantage. In our case, the house advantage of the casino is 3%. The 1000 rounds cost Otto 30 euros and bring the casino just that amount as a profit.

How is the payout percentage calculated ?

Can I increase the chances of winning the slots ?

If you are looking for tricks to manipulate slots in order to increase the chances of winning a slot, we have to disappoint you. There are many sites on the net that promise you secret tricks. And there are many videos from arcades that seemingly effortlessly show high profits. But that's all coincidence or fake. Slot games on the Internet are considered absolutely tamper-proof. Chance alone determines who wins and who loses. In order to avoid large losses in the long term, it is even more advisable to look at the payout ratios of the different slots. If you only play the slots with a good RTP value, you will do better in the long term than a player who does not pay attention to the slot machines in the casino. More about this in our blog post on the topic

Payout rates in the online casino are much higher than in real casinos

In an earlier article on our site, we have already shown the pros and cons between online casino and real casinos or gaming outlets. One point that we have dealt with there in detail is the big difference between payout rates in online casinos and gaming houses or real casinos. In casinos and gambling halls the payout ratio of slot machines is only estimated at 60%. To come back to our example from above, this would mean that the gambling machines in the casino Otto pay only 600 euros after 1000 rounds of play to the player. So he loses a whopping 400 € in a game library, while he would have lost in an online casino only 30 €.

The reason for these differences is primarily due to the high fixed costs incurred in operating a real casino or a games library. Online casinos do not have to handle a large part of these costs and can therefore offer much better payout ratios. Players who do not care about the real gaming atmosphere should avoid slots in gaming centers and only play in online  https://www.casi  On the other hand, if you like the feeling of pushing up the risk ladder on a classic slot machine, then you might put less emphasis on the win rate and accept the increased loss.

What influence does variance have on the payout ratio ?

In the long run, variance and volatility have no impact on the win rate for the player. On the short-term profit probability of the player but very well. To understand this, one has to know: Variance describes the standard deviation from the expected result.

So if a slot machine with a probability of 95% pays back the bet made by the player, that is only an average. Nobody would throw a euro in gambling machines, if it is known beforehand that exactly 95 cents will be distributed after the spin. So the result of every single game on the slot machine deviates from the standard. That's the variance - and depending on the machine, it can be bigger and smaller. Slot games with low variance allow you to win smaller amounts more often. And in games with high variance or volatility you lose your bet more often. But if there is a profit, then the sums of money are usually higher.

Slot A with high variance and slot B with low volatility thus play completely different. And yet, the slot machine chance of winning is exactly the same in both cases. But one thing you should not forget: In a high variance machine, you're more likely to go home with a win at the end of a short betting round. However, there is also a greater risk that you will lose your stake in a relatively short time. In slot games with low volatility, the probability of winning a single spin is greater. The results are more consistent in comparison and you can usually play longer for the same money. But you do not score a big hit here. Which type of gambling machine one more is just a matter of taste.

In our Slots Facts we also go into the topic

What is the profit rate in the implementation of classic slots

From the gambling halls in Germany, Austria and Switzerland one knows above all the slot machines of Novomatic and Merkur, with smears perhaps also still Bally Wulff. These three major manufacturers from German-speaking countries have all their slot games also for the game in online casinos to implement. Novomatic is referred to as Novoline, Mercury has been ported to Edict and Reel Time Gaming, and Bally Wulff slot games are available from Gamomat and Edict. In addition to the fact that these games in Germany are only very limited online playable, we have already reported in the news on Novoline Aus and the end of Merkur real money games in detail and also presented alternatives and insider tips.

But what about the profit share of Novoline, Merkur and Co? Here one must say very clearly: Merkur machines are rarely characterized by a particularly good profit probability. Although games like El Torero are very popular because they are volatile and promise good individual profits. In our top list, it has only managed the Amazonia slot with 96.95% probability of winning.

It looks better with Novoline. With Lucky Ladies Charm, Columbus and Spectrum several well-known Novoline games can grab a place in the top 100 here. In some cases, the Novoliner have even more than 97% win rate. Incidentally, Book of Ra is NOT on the list - which brings us to the next point

Beware - the most popular slots do not necessarily have the best payout percentages

Who assumes that the most popular slots in CasinoSlots automatically have the best chance of winning, is unfortunately wrong. With a glance at an example, we can better illustrate this. In Germany, the Slot Book of Ra by Novomatic is one of the most popular online slots on the market. Nevertheless, this slot offers a payout ratio of only 94.26%. By comparison, the relatively unknown Columbus slot, which also comes from the software house Novomatic, has a payout ratio of 97.03%.

So you see, the payout percentage of the most popular slots does not always have to be very good too. Of course, we do not want to stop you from playing slots that offer you the best of gameplay. If you want to enjoy slots for your enjoyment, then you can certainly accept a lower payout. But it's always good to know what you're getting into.

Steam Tower offers top features and top chance of winning

A Slot, in which both the rating in our slot machine test as well as the chance of winning is top, is Steam Tower of NetEnt. This modern video slot offers plenty of features and odds and comes in the test on excellent 93%. And with a payout rate of 97%, he makes it easy in our top 100 slot machines with the best payout percentage.

Where can I find information about the payout percentage of a slot ?

In almost all software providers, it is common to find the payout percentage of a slot machine in the game manual of the respective slot. For NetEnt slots, the game instructions can be opened by clicking on the question mark in the menu bar at the bottom left. If you scroll down in the game instructions, you will eventually find the item "Yield for the player". Below this point is the payout ratio.

What is a good payout on slot machines?

The popular in CasinoSlots  provider LeoVegas usually shows next to the games (at least in the desktop casino) the respective payout percentage of the slot machine. Sunmaker has previously published an overview of the RTP value for the Merkur games. However, this table is no longer available online since the end of Merkur slot machines in Germany.

Here it depends primarily on the software manufacturer. Some providers have slightly lower payout ratios than other providers. In general, however, it can be said that a payout ratio of more than 96% can be considered relatively good. We already showed you a list of the top 100 slots of the biggest software providers.
Are slots with many extra features more profitable?

Especially new slots have more and more games to offer to increase the fun for players. Meanwhile, there are a variety of additional features, such as free games, scatters or various bonus features. At first glance, one could expect such additional winning features to increase the overall payout ratio of a slot. Unfortunately this is not so. More slot features do not necessarily mean higher payout percentages.

Slots with many additional features or a jackpot usually have slightly lower payout rates than those slots with a few extra features. Due to the higher odds in extra features, the lower payout percentage in the base game is partially offset. Because often the individual profits are higher in the context of the extra features. Statistically speaking, the variance increases, ie the upward and downward swings tend to be larger.

How do the paylines affect you?

What we have already noted in variance and volatility, applies in a similar way to the paylines: Whether a slot offers many or few lines does not affect long-term odds, but it can greatly affect the short-term gaming experience.

A payline is the set of variants on which a winning combination must appear in order for the player to be credited with cash. So if a slot machine has three reels and three rows, the winning combinations for the individual symbols are by themselves very clear. There are 27 theoretically conceivable winning combinations (3 high 3). However, such classic three-reel slot machines usually only let you win if the symbols appear on 5 or even just 3 specified paylines. For example, if you have the winning symbol on top of reels 1, 2, and 3, you win. If the same symbol appears on top of reel 1, bottom of reel 2 and in the middle on reel 3, you will not win because it is not a payline.

In modern video slots with 5 reels it is not so rare that all theoretically possible 247 winning combinations (3 to 5) also pay off money. In most cases, however, there are also a fixed number of paylines, for example 10, 20 or 25. This does not affect the slot payout ratio. But in general, machines with many paylines tend to be less volatile. What's logical is that if the symbols can appear on every payline for you to win, then the individual winnings must be smaller - the variance or standard deviation is then less than a slot machine with only ten paylines. play on CasinoSlots

Can I find out the chance of winning individual slot machines myself

In most cases, because many software manufacturers and casinos are very transparent here and inform you about the RTP. Leo Vegas, for example, writes at least on the desktop in almost all games on the right in the text describing how high the win rate is. And even the game manufacturers themselves, for example, NetEnt, Yggdrasil, Thunderkick, Play N Go, Elk Studios, Nextgen, Betsoft and Quickspin inform everyone in the slot help on the RTP, the theoretical payout ratio. The screenshot below shows it using the example of an Elk slot machine at Leo Vegas. The (right) and the help section of the game (left) both inform you about the average chance that you will receive the money back.

Slot machines payout percentage

Of course, if you feel the researcher awakening, then you could also do the test yourself, and simply play the same machine for a very long time. What is connected in the casino with high costs, you can even do online for free: For almost all casinos offer their slots with play money. If you play with play money, you only have to spend your valuable time as a bet and can check the win quota without any risk. If everything goes right, then after a few thousand games you should be quite close to the theoretical value.


Conclusion: What the analysis of the slot machine chance of winning teaches us

A big advantage that online casinos have over real casinos or gambling houses is the amount of payout. While in gambling houses a profit rate of only about 60% gets online casinos offer chances of profit of well over 90%. In order to play slots profitable in the long term, it is important to look at the payout odds of each slot, as there may be huge differences between different slots.



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